Where is Shaw Mountain?

   Shaw Mountain is a mountain peak that is located 11 miles east of Boise, the capital of Idaho, and can be seen from within the city limits.  It symbolizes a constant presence within the state of Idaho that has been an important landmark as Boise has grown.  Our business name includes this mountain since these principles reflect our core vision.

   Shaw Mountain Technology LLC, established in 2015, is a Boise-based company that produces high-quality, advanced technology.  Our priority is to keep product development, manufacturing and company operations located within Idaho.  We specialize in shape memory alloys, particularly the magnetic shape memory alloy Ni-Mn-Ga, and develop various technologies within the fields of sensors, microfluidics, energy harvesters and actuators.


Who is Shaw Mountain?


Peter Mullner, President

    Dr. Peter Müllner is a Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Boise State University. He researches magnetic shape memory alloys in the Magnetic Materials Laboratory which he established in 2004 when joining Boise State. He has published more than 140 scientific articles and holds 8 patents on magnetic shape memory technology.

Aaron R. Smith, Vice President

   Dr. Aaron R. Smith graduated with a PhD in Material Technology where he characterized the magneto-mechanical properties of Ni-Mn-Ga with particular interest in twin boundary dynamics and predictable control of twin variant configurations.  He also researched relevant applications and markets that MSM technology could be developed towards.