The Magnetic Shape Memory Micropump

The Magnetic Shape Memory (MSM) Micropump delivers submicroliter droplets with precision and repeatability. The MSM micropump enables new research across a range of disciplines such as neurophysiology and molecular biophysics. Our technology is unique in that there are no mechanical parts within the pump. The MSM material is the pump and transports submicroliter droplets through a peristaltic motion akin the muscular motion of the esophagus of mammals. The MSM Micropump has a variable speed and generates a backpressure exceeding 3 bar. The flow is reversible, and there is very low dead volume.

The MSM Micropump was presented at the 2019 Microfluidic Handling Systems Conference in Enschede, The NetherlandsThe conference paper, which further details the MSM micropump, can be downloaded here for free.

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